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Bastion Education

Welcome to the Bastion Group Website

Bastion Education, recently formed but with many years of experience in the education field. We are a small group of, mental health workers and teaching professionals all dedicated to supporting parents with their child’s journey in school. We have a breadth of experience in education that spans over 25-year plus committed to supporting students in school. For many in the group, they have been both parents of a child requiring educational support and that has brought them to work in this field. 

Many of the Bastion members have been on both sides of the fence; the parent struggling to support their child with additional needs, and the professional who is now in a position to help similar parents and children cope and solve some of their issues in school. This website is an attempt to reach out to parents who currently find themselves in the situation that many of us were in over 20 years ago; a parent struggling to understand why their child was not succeeding in school. 

Our group contains professionals with over 30 years of experience working in the field of supporting students who have significant challenges in school both in the UK and SE Asia. This includes management experience in supporting students with both academic and behavioural challenges. 

Our experience with families of students who are struggling in the educational system allows us to understand the emotional pain felt by many and also the stigma that can sometimes be attached to students who do not perform well in school or are seen to be different whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally or academically.

We are up to date with the most recent research on Wellbeing in schools with over 20 years of experience in the mental health arena. Positive WellBeing is vital to the success of all students and especially those for whom school life is not a particularly successful experience. We understand their daily battles and the wearing away of their self-esteem through either non-existent or inadequate support

For many children and parents, school experiences can be traumatic, frustrating and extremely stressful. Children who, for whatever reason, are not making the same progress as their peers are not always adequately supported. It is the mission of the Bastion group to empower parents and students to seek a pathway through this mire and come out the other end with their child achieving their academic potential.

When you have a child who is not succeeding in school it can be difficult to support them without some measure of outside help. Parents need to know exactly where to find the knowledge and advice they require to change their child’s negative experiences in school, We want to offer a place where parents feel safe and supported (you can remain anonymous if you want to) and where it is easy to find the information they need to make a positive difference, hence this website.

We are here to tell you that all is not lost, there are many ways to help and support such students to prepare them for success as they move through their educational career and on to the outside world. 

We look forward to hearing your comments and to answer any questions you may have on the many issues that will be featured over the coming months.