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When you have a child who is not succeeding in school it can be difficult to support them without some measure of outside help.

Parents need to know exactly where to find the knowledge and advice they require to change their child’s negative experiences in school, We want to offer a place where parents feel safe and supported (you can remain anonymous if you want to) and where it is easy to find the information they need to make a positive difference, hence this website.

We are here to tell you that all is not lost, there are many ways to help and support such students to prepare them for success as they move through their educational career and on to the outside world. 

Bastion Education made us feel that our son’s special needs are in fact special capabilities — if only we knew how to foster them and help our son employ them more creatively and productively.

– Anonymous Parent

Before meeting with Bastion Education we felt confused and bewildered by our son’s special needs and had some negative experiences with teachers and educators

– Anonymous Parent

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